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Clothing for modern healthcare. What makes our designs so special?

Well Cool's range of clothing is designed to work around medical devices and equipment such as IV pumps, IV lines, ports, heart leads and syringe drivers. Featuring discreet access for medical and nursing care without the exposure associated with regular clothing and hospital gowns. This improves care for patients but also makes life easier and less time consuming for clinical staff and carers.

Designed by Nurses, they have been trialled & tested in 3 pilot studies. Made of 100% cotton to breathe with your skin, they are made to last and can be washed on high temps essential for infection control.

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Mastectomy, Wound & Stoma Care

Mastectomy, Abdominal Wound & Stoma

Featuring discreet access to wound sites, mastectomy care, drains, cardiac care as well as nursing mums. A wide flat waistband to accommodate swelling and distension without discomfort. All access is to the front of the body away from pressure bearing areas. This reduces the risk of pressure sores but also allows you to mobilise without fear of exposure. With a choice of fasteners, our products are ideal for people who struggle with buttons.

Cardiac, Wound, Bowel & Prostate Care | Hospital Clothing

Cardiac, Wound, Bowel & Prostate Care

Carefully considered access points to allow personal and medical intervention for stoma, wound, prostate & catheter care. Featuring a wide flat waistband which is elastic free at the front with easy fastening to promote self care and independence. The waistband is expandable so you can let out or fasten in depending on any swelling or weight loss. For additional comfort, the front is elastic free. Security to assist in mobilising post operatively with dignity and peace of mind. We also offer full access bottoms.

IV lines, Ports, Syringe Drivers & Catheters | Hospital Pyjamas

IV lines, Ports, Drains & Catheters

Designed to unclip over IV lines, you don't have to wait for a nurse to disconnect from infusion pumps. This saves on valuable nursing time but also reduces the risk of IV infiltration which is costly and time consuming if IV needs to be re-sited. Allowing quick and easy access to central lines, peripheral IV lines, portacaths, cardiac leads and syringe drivers. Promoting your independence and making life easier not just for you, but also allows healthcare assistants and carers to be involved in care.

What our Customers are saying

The Royal Brompton Hospital

"Delighted with my Pyjamas. Not only was I complimented on them by my Professor, but they were practical and comfortable during my stay. So nice not to have to repeatedly pull up my top or wear a horrible Gown." RB

Luton & Dunstable Hospital

"I have a stoma and hernia. These amazing PJs not only look beautiful, but for the first time I felt comfortable. No pulling, no pressure, no discomfort. Perfect for stoma changes and able to loosen up if I get bloated." LH

Great Ormond Street Hospital

"We found these accessible Pyjamas great following surgery. The nurses were able to access his chest port with ease as the top has seams that just pop open. Highly recommend and super comfy to wear." JJ