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Well Cool

Hospital Pyjamas & Clothing

Clothing Range & Menswear 2022 - Scroll down to read about about our design & pilot studies

What makes our Nightwear so Special

Well Cool PJs are designed to provide easy access, comfort, privacy and above all restore your dignity whether you are in hospital, care home or needing some help at home. Designed by nurses with first hand experience of nursing patients, our range is designed for you.

Offering unique access to IV lines, wound dressings, heart leads & mastectomy care without the exposure of traditional PJs and gowns.

Our PJ bottoms have been specially designed to provide discreet access for stoma care and wound dressings whilst allowing space for catheters and syringe drivers.

They have been trialled & tested in 3 pilot studies. Made of 100% cotton to breathe with your skin, they are made to last and can be washed on high temps essential for infection control.

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IV lines, Portacaths & Syringe Drivers

Our PJs clip off over IV lines so you don't have to wait for a specialist nurse to disconnect from infusion pumps. Saving on nursing time but also reducing the risk of IV infiltration. Allowing quick and easy access to central lines, ports and syringe drivers. Promoting your independence and making life easier for you or your carers.

Mastectomy, Cardiac Access & Wound Care

Our PJs provide discreet access to wound sites, mastectomy care, cardiac care & nursing mums. All access is to the front of the body away from pressure bearing areas. There is also space for heart monitor leads. Easier to dress and undress with a choice of fasteners. Promoting your independence and empowering you.

Stoma Care, Wound Care and Catheter Care

Carefully considered access points to allow personal and medical intervention for stoma, wound & catheter care. Featuring a wide flat waistband which is elastic free at the front with easy fastening to promote self care and independence. Security to assist in mobilising post operatively with dignity and peace of mind.

Our Pilot Studies

"Cool & comfortable. Excellent for the recovery period after a mastectomy as the front can be quickly removed without having to manipulate sore arms or lift anything over the head. I note all the other access points for drips etc. and I'm sure would be equally useful."

LP - Aster Customer

Well Cool Clothing were part of the inc. social incubator 2022/21 programme working with the Aster Foundation around enabling independence and reducing social exclusion.

Aster Group UK are a Social Housing Provider

"The quality of the clothing is superb. The unique selling point is the access of the clothing to the patient as we are able to provide care but also maintain dignity at all times which is so crucial. Carers can easily access care which prompts an efficient and effective service. The Clothing is not just stylish but also functional."

Well Cool's Ladies Nightwear Range were piloted @ Caremark 2022/21 with patients being nursed at home or recently discharged home from hospital.

Dr Kris Owden, Bsc (Hons) MBBS MRSB Managing Director of Caremark (Aylesbury & Wycombe)

Accessibility and practicality of our Women's Nightwear range compared to Hospital Gowns

97% Easier to dress / undress with IV Lines

95% Easier for access to Mastectomy care & Central Lines

95% Easier for Access to Stoma & Wound Care

Pilot with 3 year Studet Nurses Buckinghamshire New University & Buckinghamshire Knowledge Transfer Partnership 2022/2021

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