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Some of our Reviews

"Delighted with my pyjamas. Not only was I complimented on them by my Professor (consultant) in the hospital, but they were practical and comfortable during my stay. So nice not to have to repeatedly pull my top up or wear a horrible gown. Felt like I retained a bit of my personality as well as my style. Thank you so much! Highly recommended." RB - Royal Brompton Hospital 2022

Great access for central lines especially PICC lines in arms. Really handy for night shifts when child is asleep easy to access with minimal disturbance. Great access for taking temperatures. Love the 100% cotton, makes kids feel cooler. Love the colourful fabric. The Nurses loved them !" EG, MDS, EO - Ward Managers, Great Ormond Street Hospital - 2022
"Utterly brilliant pyjamas!  My son is SO excited by the new ones we got today, that he pressed the nurses buzzer to show her what he got!  Such fantastic access and absolutely LOVE the padded backing of poppers given we have pressure sores" TJ - Parent 2021

 "I recently had surgery and wanted to give a wee shout out to Well Cool Clothing for my amazing pj's. I bought lemon socks to match of course. These PJs have some awesome features....they pop all the way down the front. Then..they have poppers at the shoulder at the front too. This means you can pop one side down without being exposed. Likewise you can pop both sides (I'll put a pic in comments). The trousers have Velcro at sides, again, to avoid massive exposure and to enable access.They are super comfy & super soft. If you or someone you know is in hospital these are amazing please check them out."JC - 2022

"I love the colours of my pyjamas; I feel warm and supported especially as the colder weather is setting in. My carers can change my catheter bag easily as usually there is a struggle taking of my trousers, changing the bag and then putting my trousers back on again, we don’t need to do it with these new pyjamas, I love them, and it’s made a positive effect on my care, so I am grateful." .AF - Patient cared for in the community Caremark 2022

"Just thought you would like to see your amazing product in action, I can’t tell you how much they have made Zachs life easier and ours from a caring point of view. His central line, drainage bag, jejunostomy tube, pads and colostomy bag are all easily accessible. It’s been a complete game changer for my nighttime ninja caring skills x". TI - Parent - Sheffield Children's Hospital 

"I was apprehensive about trying some new clothes as I usually like what I buy for myself, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. My nurses from the GP surgery have commented that it is more straight forward for them to change my dressings too. Washing them is easy and I’ve washed mine quite a lot and the material or design hasn’t faded. I feel supported in the clothing but not restricted in movement." JB - 2022

"I have no complaints at all about these pyjamas.  In the hottest few nights of this year they were cool and comfortable.  The poppers hold well while sleeping, turning etc., but rip open easily when you want them to.  There is no sense of the trousers ‘strangling’ you which is often the case when sleeping in pants or trousers ..... they would have been excellent for the recovery period after a mastectomy as the front can be quickly removed without having to manipulate sore arms or lift anything over the head.  I note all the other access points, for drips etc., and I’m sure they would be equally useful."  Aster Group UK Pilot Study 2022/2021

 "I can’t recommend these enough, fabrics are lovely and soft and great patterns! Perfect for breastfeeding in, as they open at the front, so comfy and practical! 5* Fabric was perfect for the very warm hospital maternity ward! The trousers are a perfect design for C-section recovery." DM - 2022

"My 5 year old daughter has a progressive muscle wasting disease so regular visits to hospitals and home care involves having easy access clothing. What my daughter said she liked about the Wellcool Pj's was their cute and funky design, easier for her to put on herself as she normally needs assistance putting pj's on due to weak arm muscles and she said she didn't get hot in them like she normally does. These pj's are amazing, light material, great for regulating body temps, easy access for medical leads without them looking clinical and making my daughter feel comfortable and not embarrassed about wearing them like she normally feels with the open back hospital gowns. Thank you WellCool Clothing." LCW - Parent  

"Things are getting very real over here now! Big Thank you to Well cool Clothing for these amazing hospital Pyjamas for Henry! They are so stylish and functional too with Popper opening to allow easy access for monitoring while in hospital." HH - Parent