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Is it time to ditch the gown?

Posted by Kirsty Glynn on


The Hospital Gown that ties at the back and leaves backsides bare has been the "butt" of many jokes over the years. So why are patients still wearing this unisex, draughty one-size-fits-all garment which flatters no-one and brings down morale? Designed over 70 years ago, it's been widely loathed ever since, not just by patients but by doctors and nurses themselves!

It gets a few points on purely practical grounds - made primarily of poly-cotton, they are cheap to make. They can run through a boiling hot laundry but at what cost to the environment.
So what's the alternative? You could reach for your own nightwear but these often go to the opposite end of the "access spectrum"! One thing people will agree on, is that's it's time to ditch the old gown for something better! 
Read on for our 5 Top Tips on what's important when choosing something to wear in hospital and find out why Our Pyjamas, designed by nurses are the way forward.

1. Access

This has to be top of the list - how easy it is to dress and undress, but also, how treatment, drips and dressings can be applied without stripping down to our undies. At Well Cool, we have turned this around, our products give access at various points to the front of the body, which not only puts patients back in the driving seat, but also significantly reduces exposure. 

2. Mobility 

Getting up and about as soon as possible after an operation is a great way to speed recovery. Not so easy when you have a drip or a catheter. We spent a lot of time considering this and this is why our products unclip over IV lines and have openings for catheters, specifically to reduce specialist nursing time whilst empowering your independence. 

3. Independence

Simple tasks such as getting dressed and undressed is more difficult with existing health conditions. Patricia, Well Cools "Ageing Well Ambassador" suffers from an auto-immune condition and arthritis. She finds fastening buttons time consuming and tricky. We offer optional Velcro fastenings to help those with dexterity issues allowing people to dress for themselves and promote their independence. It also make life easier for our carers, many who struggle at home alone.

4. Wellbeing

in hospital, patents can feel stripped of identity, especially in a gown!. A set of our stylish 100% cotton PJs or super soft relaxed trouser and top set that fits well, is cool and bright with a choice of uplifting fabrics is certainly going to change how you feel.

5. Quality & Sustainability

We have spent a considerable amount of time looking at the fabrics we use, how they are sourced, what chemicals are use in the process and the overall durability of our garments. We pride ourselves that all our packaging is plastic free and our new products will come in an ecologically sound and very handy washbag. 

Going into Hospital or needing some help at home .... we have you covered at Well Cool.