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Well Sustainable

Posted by Kirsty Glynn on
We pride ourselves on being a company that cares. As a social business, founded by a nurse, it’s kind of baked into our company ethos.

From the front end, that means caring for patients with a range of NHS approved clothing to provide every individual with extreme comfort, improved wellbeing, and practical designs that have dignity sewn into every seem.

At the back end, behind the scenes, we have sustainability at heart too. In fact, here at WC HQ we totally understand how much has changed in the manufacturing business over recent years -  and in clothing and textiles in particular – so when it comes to being kinder to the planet, we are right on track. 

International fashion favourite Zara have launched an in-house swap, mend and donate service, on top of its pledge to use only recycled clothing by 2025; H&M are using recycled materials a lot more, and making sure the fabrics they use are toxic-free; and many other brands are looking at how to reduce environmental stress or move towards renewable energy. And even though Well Cool is not a multinational corporation, but a specialist British company producing medically sensitive hospital and treatment clothing, so are we! 

With all our cleverly designed clothing, with access points and fastenings to make every patient's life much easier and more comfortable, we pay close attention to ecological details. We are mindful of where we source, we make up our designs in ecologically-considerate fabrics such as Oeko-tex certified cotton and bamboo, and the quality of the pyjamas ensure they are long lasting and can be worn time and time again. Check out two of our young team in our  Woof print cotton pyjamas. Our online packaging (except in extreme weather) is plastic free and we will be introducing handy wash bags next year for our hospital sales.

We are also looking into how we can create a way for our customers to donate our pyjamas to other patients when they are out of treatment and no longer really need them – although our designs and patterns are so gorgeous, we don’t think they’ll be easy to part with. More about our ‘Well Donate’ ideas in 2024.

Take a look at our bamboo clothing here which  is launching before Christmas. It's so soft, perfect for cancer care and as bamboo has antibacterial and moisture wicking properties, it's also ideal for people with skin conditions and sensitive skin. 


If you have tried our pyjamas, please write in and let us know how they made you feel. You can contact us at