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Brunel University, London 2023

College of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

We conducted a study at Brunel University measuring time efficiencies of our adult and children's range of products against hospital gowns and regular clothing. You can see the results in the graphs below and some of the feedback from the students involved.
This study was conducted in a supervised and controlled environment with designated Staff from the College of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. Well Cool staff were not in attendance.
The students that participated were post-graduate physiotherapy students, nursing and medical assistants. 
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*Would need to wait a long time for a nurse to disconnect the IV, this can be up to 45 minutes. Lemon PJs are very easy to put on and off. No need to wait for a nurse.

*Very easy to dress and no need to wait for a nurse.

*Easy to put on patient - nice quality comfy for patient.

*It is really great as patients usually have cannulas / IV, very efficient for elderly care.

* I would recommend them for children, the children might find them fun to do the buttons.
*Very easy to dress and no need to wait for a nurse, super colourful.
*Well designed and you can have easier access than normal PJs for catheters and IV's.

*Hospital Gowns expose patients and do not maintain privacy and dignity.  Well Cool Clothing does.

*Patients struggle to tie the gown at the back, Well Cool Clothing fastens easy.

*Ideal for less mobile patients, especially in ICU.

*I think it would be beneficial for hospitals as it enables personalisation of patients, therefore it could promote independence.

*Also beneficial to family members of patients as it humanises the patient more than standard gowns.