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Keeping abreast of cancer, with Kirsty Glynn

Posted by Kirsty Glynn on

As Breast Cancer Awareness month draws to a close, we wanted to shine a light on the phenomenal success of this global campaign, and why it's so important to be breast aware.

With over 55,000 women and 370 men diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK, the impact of the original Breast Cancer campaign, devised over 30 years ago, cannot be understated. Awareness is improving year on year and breast cancer survival had not just improved, but doubled over the last few decades and a lot of that is down to this annual media event. 

By encouraging us all to stop and think, focus on the topic, support research into a cure through donation of money, time or fund-raising effort, more and more is being done to help eradicate the disease. 

Early Detection 

The most vital thing is to check our breasts more thoroughly, more regularly, and with more confidence. Early detection  saves lives. With so much help available online and in the community, more of us know how to check, what to check for, and where to access the support and information we need, if we need it. 

Here, Well Cool's Kirsty, herself an ex nurse, gives us all a timely reminder of how to do a thorough breast check:

1. Don't look for lumps, just get to know your own normal ..... everyone's body is different.

2. Always bear in mind that breasts can go through changes throughout the menstrual cycle or menopause.

3. In most cases if you find a lump it won't be cancer.

4. If you find anything that deviates from what your normal is, it should be checked out by your doctor as soon as possible. 

5. Check for LOOK and FEEL

Look is:
  • New asymmetry between the breasts
  • Skin texture changes
  • Puckering (can look like orange peel)
  • New Rashes
  • Nipple changes - nipple inversion, crusting bleeding or discharge
Feel is:
  • Any new lumps 
  • Changes to the texture of the breast

"If in doubt, check it out!" advises Kirsty. "It's better to spend a few minutes getting some professional attention from your GP than to guess, or worse still, ignore it. And let's not forget that men and boys can suffer too," continues Kirsty, so it's really important they are encouraged to check their breasts from time to time. And for everyone, it can often be the partners who notice something different first. 

What do Well Cool medical pyjamas do for breast cancer patients?

"In a number of cases, where perhaps extensive treatment or an operation is required, Well Cool's women's nightwear and daywear (launching soon) can make the whole experience just that little bit easier, with our easy access clothing and comfortable cotton fabrics providing comfort and dignity for all patients. In particular, for treatment to the breast area, our pyjamas provide unique access above the breast area on both sides by means of a medical popper strip which significantly reduces exposure but also enables independence. Our PJs also accommodate medical devices such as IVs and drains and an added advantage is not having to disconnect lines from a IV pump, causing a delay in waiting to get changed and a time consuming task for the nurses."