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Research & Product Information

Our PJs (excluding fastenings) are made of 100 % cotton. Where possible we use Oeko-tex certified cotton. Oeko-tex means cotton has been tested and free of harmful dyes and chemicals.

Hospital Pyjamas v Normal Pyjamas v Gowns

  • Hospital Pyjamas allow IVs to be changed without having to remove pyjamas, unlike traditional pyjamas and disconnect from IV pumps
  • IV flow is therefore undisturbed
  • Reduction of Specialist Nursing time
  • No flushing or venflons required
  • Allow easy access for medical examination without undue exposure
  • Removes the need to strip off to wash
  • Accommodate other medical appliances such as plaster casts and splints
  • Access for catheter care
  • Promote parent / carer involvement as nursing input is reduced
  • Provide privacy and comfort, promoting wellbeing
  • All access to the front of the body putting you back in control
  • Look great and are a much needed improvement to hospital gowns

Specialist Design Attributes

  • 100% cotton and comply with hospital regulations
  • There is a protective foam strip behind the poppers to cushion the body (childrens' range )
  • There are no popper strips on the back of the body and they have been placed away from pressure areas.
  • Plastic poppers have been used to prevent nickel allergy and not to interfere with electrical equipment.
  • Optional velcro fastenings to make fastening easier.
  • Top quality poppers manufactured for medical clothing are used.