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Our Story

Kirsty Glynn - Founder 
The idea for Well Cool Clothing came about after one of Kirsty's sons needed acute and ongoing medical care when he was younger. When he was sick or needed to get changed, she had to wait for a nurse to disconnect his IVs from a pump and thread them through his sleeve, leaving him exposed and vulnerable. It was also time consuming for the nurses. He was frequently woken up at night for clinical observations as his regular pyjamas had no access. He also hated the Hospital Gowns. 
Kirsty, a trained nurse realised that if there were pyjamas designed specifically for medical care and medical equipment, not only would it enhance her son's comfort and privacy and allow her to help in his care, it would also make life a lot easier for the busy nurses.  Her son is now thankfully very well.
Well Cool Clothing was incorporated in 2010 and first design protection with the Intellectual Property Office dates back to 2011 (for children & adults and for those with a disability), but the company remained dormant for a few years as her main priorities were optimising her sons health and raising a family. Research on Well Cool started properly in 2015 on a part-time basis and first samples were trialled at Helen & Douglas house. The feedback was not all good, but it was pivotal in moving forward. These early samples were very different to the Well Cool range today!
When the new designs were ready, she approached Great Ormond Street Hospital. At this stage, she didn't mention that her son had been treated there, as she wanted the products to speak for themselves. They were rejected via Infection Control first time. Following further liaison and modified design, they were resubmitted, approved and went on sale in 2017. A new streamlined children's range was launched in 2023 following a trial on the wards at Great Ormond Street in 2022. 
The adult range is now up and running. A clothing range to compliment the nightwear range, will launch early in 2024. Well Cool Clothing is a Social Business. A % of sales go back into the Hospitals & the Children’s range will become Non Profit.