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Our Story

Kirsty Glynn - Founder 

The idea for Well Cool came about after one of Kirsty's sons needed prolonged hospital care when he was younger. He had great treatment but due to some of the medication he was on, he gained weight and his regular pyjamas became too tight. Sometimes he got sick and his pyjamas needed changing. At this time, he had IVs (a drip with a needle going into his arm) and she had to wait for the already busy specialist nurses to come and disconnect the IV from the pump and thread it through his tight pyjama sleeve or disconnect.  He had to remove his top leaving him exposed and embarrassed. He also hated the Hospital Gowns as they posed the same problems as his own pyjamas. 

Kirsty, a trained nurse and first hand experience of nursing people wearing Hospital Gowns & traditional nightwear, realised that if there were child friendly & practical pyjamas designed specifically for hospital, not only would it enhance her sons comfort and privacy, it would allow her to help in his care whilst letting the busy specialist nurses get on with their work. Her son is now thankfully very well.
Kirsty returned to her idea and formed Well Cool Clothing (at the time both her sons used to use the term “that’s Well Cool” constantly). The PJs have been trialled & tested and passed through Infection Control at Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Royal Brompton Hospital (part of  Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust)  & as with all new products they continue to evolve. A new children's range has been designed and will officially launch soon. 
Well Cool Clothing is a Social Business.