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Meet the Team

Kirsty (MacLean) Glynn - Founder
"When I used to work on the the wards, I was always aware just how impractical and dehumanising hospital gowns were, but was always too busy to do anything about it. The catalyst came when I was looking after my son, seeing how uncomfortable he was & more importantly how he felt. I decided NOT to create another type of gown as I don't believe this is a progressive step, nor does it offer any benefit what so ever to the person who has to wear it." Kirsty was a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the NHS. She has worked in Medicine, Surgery, Palliative care & Mental Health

Jenny Bennett - Assistant  

"Going through stage 4 bowel cancer with my sister, all she wanted, was to wear men's PJs because they were more accommodating to her constant changing body shape. This was because the gown used to ride up, was tight around her neck and when not covered by the bed covers she felt exposed.  In the PJs, she felt more covered whilst being up and about. If only Well Cool was around at this time, I know these products would have made a massive difference to her and lots of other people in the same position." Jenny helps out at Well Cool alongside her other job at Edlesborough Practice Surgery.


Dr Lee Mitchell - Medical Advisor

"It is such a great pleasure to become an advisor for this amazing organisation. I am passionate about patient care and dignity and the line of clothing from Well Cool not only looks stylish and fun but is practical to help people with specific medical needs and manage their conditions/illnesses in comfort. I am fully committed in supporting and advising Well Cool to help progress their vision to provide high quality, comfortable and practical clothing for people with medical needs." Lee is a Senior Partner working across two NHS GP Surgeries.