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Boo Hospital Pyjamas


Our children's Boo! PJs in a super cute panda print designed to keep your child comfortable, covered and secure during hospital stay or care at home.

Made from 100% cotton with Snap or Velcro fasteners to allow quick and easy access for IV lines, medical devices and nursing care.

Our PJs are sized generously. It is recommended to size down if your child is just moving into the age range.

Additional Information

To preserve fastenings, it is advisable to close Velcro tabs before washing (to prevent fluff built up) and do not iron popper strip. It is not necessary.


Wash at 40 degrees. For heavily stained clothing, our garments can be washed on a 60 degree wash.

Please close velcro tabs before washing. This helps minimise fluff build up on tabs.

Do not iron on popper strips.