Feedback from patients and parents…

  • The fabric design is fantastic
  • I really love the PJs
  • Not at all ‘baby’ which is often the case with hospital gowns
  • My son adored them
  • My son has had a hickman line, femoral (groin), port-a-cath and (currently) a PICC – no issues accessing any of those lines with the pyjamas
  • They are absolutely BRILLIANT
  • They wash beautifully
  • We love them!
  • They are so super soft
  • It’s making access so much easier, not just for his line, but also his temperature, which they are managing to do without disturbing him at night
  • They are awesome and getting SO many compliments from the nurses – who are telling other nurses, who are coming to see them!
  • They don’t look clinical at all
  • The tops have lots of space and room to grow
  • Fantastic designs
  • They make access in hospital so much easier and gives him dignity
  • They really have been amazing especially as my son was on PCA (pain controlled analgesia)
  • The ward manager and nurses have been commenting on how fantastic the pyjamas are!

We’d love to hear your feedback…