Welcome to Hospital PJs & Clothing – Adult range launching 2019

Hospital Pyjamas have been designed to provide quick and easy access for medical examination and procedures without compromising on style and comfort. Access is via custom designed plastic-popper strips or velcro fastenings.

Unlike hospital gowns or traditional pyjamas, Hospital Pyjamas eliminate the need to remove the pyjamas for intravenous lines, portacaths, drains catheters and hygiene needs  – improving privacy, comfort, hygiene and the general well being of your child. Read more

  • Now selling in Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Easy access for medical examination and procedures
  • Eliminates need to thread IV lines through sleeve or shorts
  • No need to disconnect equipment, saving on nursing time
  • Kind to other lines, ports and plaster casts
  • Greater privacy and comfort compared to hospital gowns
  • Protective strip behind popper or optional velcro fastenings
  • 100% cotton, wash at 60 degrees
  • Designed by a nurse and a mum
  • Made in Great Britain